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  • Relieving stress and tension is crucial for everyone. Conventional mattresses can restrict blood flow, cause pressure build up and pain. The Restwell range of visco-elastic memory foam products has been developed to provide excellent stress relieving comfort and support.
  • Temperature responsive properties relax tensed muscles and promote pressure relief by conforming the human body weight and shape.
  • It eliminates the possible damage caused by body pressure, providing excellent neck and spine protection through natural spine alignment.
  • Enhances better blood circulation and avoids soreness caused by the compression of nerves.
  • Vacuum Packed
  • It is vacuum packed to make it into a small package that will conveniently fit into the back of a car for ease of transport. This helps save delivery charge and can be taken from the store immediately. When removed from its packaging its original size will be 95% resumed after 10 minutes and will be fully resumed within 3 hours.
  • Restwell Memory Foam Mattress
  • Its ventilation pores also helps improve airflow.
  • 7cm Memory Foam / 15cm Reflex Foam.
  • Removable velour cover is machine washable.
  • Anti allergy and dust mite resistance.
  • Non slip base.
  • Suitable for all bed bases including electric adjustable beds.
  • Available in 2’6″, 3′, 4’6″ or 5′.

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